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About Find your Japan

How Find your Japan Functions

Find your Japan specializes in providing a unique platform dedicated to exploring Japan’s diverse tours and experiences. As an online portal, we collaborate closely with a wide range of activity providers, focusing exclusively on Japanese adventures. These providers are the ones who craft and offer these unique experiences.
Booking is seamless: simply use our website or mobile app to secure your activity. After booking, you’ll promptly receive a voucher via email, ensuring a smooth experience.

What Unique Experiences Does Find your Japan Offer?

Find your Japan specializes in unique Japanese experiences, with a focus on nature excursions, traditional cultural activities, special experiences, and private tours. Our offerings include immersive cultural workshops, serene nature explorations, and exclusive private tours tailored to your interests.
Note that while we focus on these authentic experiences, we do not offer general travel packages, flight bookings, or visa assistance. Accommodations, if included, are part of our detailed multi-day tours for a complete experience.

For Tour Operators and Supply Partners

Are you interested in joining forces with Find your Japan to offer exceptional Japanese experiences? We’re eager to collaborate! To start our partnership journey, please contact us through our dedicated support page. Together, we can craft unforgettable adventures in Japan.

How to Explore and Book with Find your Japan

Planning Your Japanese Adventure

With Find your Japan, you can select activities based on region or theme, tailored to your interests. Our search bar allows you to find specific experiences using keywords.

Finding Your Ideal Japanese Experience

Customize your search by region, theme, price, and duration to match your preferences. While customization of the activities themselves is not available, the wide variety ensures a fit for every interest.

Activity Availability

Check the real-time availability for each activity on our website.
Book instantly for available slots or submit a request for confirmation.
Availability is always up-to-date and clearly marked on each activity page.

Booking Process

Book your Japanese experience in two ways:

Instant Booking: For many activities, your reservation is confirmed immediately upon booking.

Request-Based Booking: For certain experiences, you can submit a request, and we’ll confirm your booking via email soon after.

Each activity’s details will clearly indicate its booking type.

Pricing and Booking

Transparent pricing for all activities, with details provided before booking.
We offer competitive and clear pricing, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Booking Confirmation and Voucher Details

Receiving Your Voucher

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a voucher via email.
This voucher includes your booking details, the lead traveler’s name, meeting point location, validity period, and what to bring to your activity.
It also contains your booking reference number for easy reference.

Types of Vouchers

Our activity providers accept both mobile and printed vouchers for your convenience.

Lost or Unreceived Booking Confirmation/Voucher

Most bookings are confirmed instantly, and vouchers are sent immediately.
Check your spam folder if you haven’t received your voucher.
For bookings requiring provider confirmation, expect your voucher within 48 hours.
If there’s an issue, such as an incorrect email address, please reach out for assistance.

Meeting Point and Pickup Information

Locating Meeting Point Information

Before Purchase: Check the “Meeting point” section on the activity’s page for detailed information.
After Purchase: The meeting point address is included in the “Meeting point” section of your voucher. For clarification, contact the activity provider directly using the information on the voucher.

Scheduling a Pickup for Your Activity

During booking, you can indicate your preferred pickup address.
At checkout, select from available pickup locations or choose from nearby alternatives if your initial choice isn’t available.
For any questions regarding pickups, refer to the activity provider’s contact details on your voucher.

Viewing Pickup Information

Before Booking: Activity pages detail pickup services. Look for a “Pickup included” icon and the specified area. Absence of this icon indicates a designated meeting point instead of individual pickups.
After Booking: Your voucher will include specific pickup details, such as time and location.

Changes to Meeting Point, Pickup, or Drop-off

Meeting point and pickup/drop-off addresses are fixed prior to booking and can be viewed on the activity page.
Post-booking changes to these details must be discussed directly with the activity provider. Their discretion applies, and any changes may not be reflected on your voucher.

On the Day of Your Activity

Can’t Find the Meeting Point?

First, double-check the meeting point information on your voucher.
If you’re still unable to locate it, call the activity provider using the phone number provided on your voucher.

Running Late to Your Activity?

If you’re delayed, immediately contact the activity provider. Their contact number is listed under their name on your voucher.

Driver/Guide Not Present?

Confirm you’re at the correct meeting point or pickup location at the scheduled time.
Check if the activity provider has attempted to contact you via phone or email.
If you still can’t find your driver or guide, call the activity provider directly.

Tour Souvenirs, Photos, and Lost Items

If you have issues with tour souvenirs (like photos or videos) or if you lost an item during the activity, reach out to the activity provider. Their contact information is on your voucher.

Booking Management and Cancellation

Modifying Your Booking

Details about making changes or cancellations after booking are specified in your tour detail voucher.
Operations follow the refund policy described in the voucher, except in cases of provider issues or unforeseen events like natural disasters or severe weather changes.
To modify your reservation, use the “Inquiry (Cancellation or Changes)” button in your booking confirmation email. This will open your reservation management page, where you can select “View Details” and proceed with your desired changes or cancellation.

Cancellation Process

In the event you need to cancel your booking, follow the steps outlined in your booking confirmation email.
Your refund will be processed according to the cancellation policy specified in your voucher.
For any queries or issues regarding cancellation or modification, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

Provider Cancellations

If the activity provider needs to cancel for any reason, they will strive to offer an alternative date or time.
If no suitable alternative is available, a full refund will be processed as per the terms outlined in your booking.

Processing Refunds

Refunds for cancellations within policy are processed automatically to the original payment method, typically within 3-5 business days.
For issues with the activity or other refund requests, contact us using the form provided. Refund Tracking

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