Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-

京都, 關西

8 d

Come join this walking tour where you can walk around Kyoto famous hot spots in a day. Your guide will pick you up from the hotel and from there take you to Kyoto's must-see spots.

Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-
Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-
Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-
Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-
Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Private Walking Tour-


In a day you will be able to visit the historical places of Kyoto. Kyoto has a different feel than Tokyo and you can feel it by the historical vibes and the local people. Come and discovery Kyoto for its beauty with this tour, we are sure that it will be a travel you won't forget.

Spots to visit

1.Nijo Castle

A UNESCO World Hertiage Site, Nijo Castle was castle that was built for the first shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu who ruled Japan from 1603-1616. In this castle you can really see Tokugawa taste in art where there are beautiful painted screens and sliding doors filled with images symbolizing the power of the Tokugawa regime from the greatest artist from the Kano school. After the castle look around the garden and feel the atmosphere of Kyoto.


A Zen Temple whose top two floor is covered in gold leaf overlooking a large pond. Though its standing majestically now, this temple has been burned numerous time in the past. The reason why Kinkakuji is gold is because the Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu wanted to show his wealth and power.


A popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto, the biggest reason for its popularity is due to the beautiful scenery that changes by the season. Behind the Randen Arashiyama Station there is a colorful art display known as the "Kimono Forest," the town itself has many hidden gems, why don’t you take a stroll and look around. You will also be having your lunch around this area during the tour.

4.Tenryuji Temple/Bamboo Forest

After Lunch you will head to the famous Bamboo Forest, the path of bamboo that stretch over 500 meters. Here in this mesmerizing forest is the Tenryuji Temple, a temple which was originally built in 1339 by the ruiling shogun Ashikaga Takauji. Though the temple itself was lost in fire many times in the past and had to be rebuilt, but the Tenryuji garden is actually to this day in its original form.

*Free for children under 6 years old.







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8 d


可以翻译成繁体中文为 "對於這次體驗,我們提供以下地點的接送:

  • ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto

  • Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto

  • Hotel Granvia Kyoto

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